Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I just ordered accounts. Where can I find their login details?

You can view your order history from the dashboard. You may then click on the corresponding order to view the purchased account(s).

Why are some products out of stock?

Due to high volumes of sales, products may frequently go out of stock. Our larger volume products are restocked multiple times throughout the day, please contact us on Discord if you urgently need a specific product to be restocked.

What is account geolocation?

Account geolocation is the account’s country of creation. Logging in from an IP address outside of the country of origin will result in the account getting locked. Origo is not responsible for any locks, as per our ToS.

My accounts are getting locked. What do I do?

There are two main reasons why your accounts are getting locked:
1. You are logging in from an IP address outside of the country of creation. To resolve this issue, use a proxy with an IP address matching the country of creation. The account geolocation is indicated and can be selected from the product page.
2. You are logging in from a flagged IP address, most likely a low-quality datacenter proxy. You will have to change your proxy.

An account I just purchased was already banned upon login, does not fit the product description, or has invalid credentials.

If an account is banned already by the time you receive it, please contact us through Discord. We will investigate the issue, and you will receive a credit refund if the ban was prior to the purchase. If an account you purchased was different from the product description, or has invalid login credentials, please contact us on Discord for further investigation. Any individual attempting to abuse or cheat the system will have their account terminated and credits voided, as per our ToS.


Does Origo accept PayPal or Credit Cards?

No. Origo only accepts Bitcoin at the moment.

I just paid for my invoice, why aren’t the credits showing up?

Once the payment processor marks the Bitcoin transaction as complete, the system will automatically add credits to your account. This will occur after the BTC transaction achieves at least 1 network confirmation, which takes on average 10 minutes. This will take substantially longer if a low TX fee was applied to the transaction, as it will have a low confirmation priority on the network. If your credits aren’t showing up after 3 network confirmations, please contact us on Discord.

Can I convert credits to money?

No. Credits are vouchers that can only be redeemed for Origo’s services, and cannot be converted to any form of money.

Can I transfer credits to another user?

Credits can be transferred between users on Origo. To access this feature, navigate to your dashboard and select the "Send Credits" button.

I purchased credits, can I get a refund?

There are absolutely no refunds on credit purchases, as per our ToS.