Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

Origo collects a limited amount of data on users.
Login information: This includes a user’s email & hashed password. We use this information to store a registered user’s orders, payment history, purchase details, and balance.

Origo does use Google Analytics to measure website statistics.

Data Security

Origo remains committed to safeguard a registered user’s data. We follow industry standards on data encryption, and we persistently perform internal audits to ensure we are operating at the highest of safety standards. However, we cannot guarantee the absolute protection & security of your personal data.

E-Mail Subscription

A registered user may receive occasional emails from Origo in regards to orders, direct contact, or promotional offers.


If you would like to discuss or need additional clarification with this privacy policy, please view the Contact page for the relevant details on how to get in touch with Origo.