What are Trade-Unlocked Accounts?

Origo's Trade-Unlocked accounts are OSRS accounts that have bypassed the F2P trade restrictions. All accounts are created with realistic, humanlike in-game names, and are made on residential IP addresses. All email addresses are unregistered. These accounts have accrued over 20 hours of in-game time, 10 quest points, and are over 100 skill total. All accounts are currently created on USA IP addresses.


- All accounts have 20+ hours in-game time.
- All accounts have a few random basic, low level stats, adding up to over 100 skill total.
- All accounts have 10 quest points or more.
- All accounts are F2P.

Pricing Schedule

Quantity of accounts Price (Credits)
1-19 0.90
20-49 0.85
50-99 0.80
100+ 0.70