Melee NMZ Starter
What are Melee NMZ Starter Accounts?

Origo's Melee NMZ Starter accounts are OSRS accounts that have the quests completed to begin the Nightmare Zone. All accounts are created with realistic, humanlike in-game names, and are made on residential IP addresses. All email addresses are unregistered. These accounts have the Dwarven rock cake, Bearhead, and at least 5 NMZ quests completed. All accounts are currently created on USA IP addresses.


- All accounts have the following NMZ quests completed: Fight Arena, Mountain Daughter, Tree Gnome Village, Vampyre Slayer, Witch's House, and Lost City.
- All accounts have the following unique items: Bearhead (MTD) and Dwarven rock cake (RFD).
- All accounts have random stats, adding up to over 320 skill total.
- All accounts have 40+ Attack, 30+ Strength, and 43+ Prayer.
- All accounts have 35 quest points or more.
- All accounts have game membership.

Pricing Schedule

Quantity of accounts Price (Credits)
1-4 6.60
5+ 6.00