Master Farmer
What are Master Farmer Accounts?

Origo's Master Farmer accounts are OSRS accounts that have the Rogue's outfit and are Master Farmer ready. All accounts are created with realistic, humanlike in-game names, and are made on residential IP addresses. All email addresses are unregistered. These accounts have the full Rogue's outfit, 50 Agility, and 50 Thieving. All accounts are currently created on USA IP addresses.


- All accounts have the Rogue's Outfit.
- All accounts have random stats, adding up to over 230 skill total.
- All accounts have 50 Thieving and 50 Agility
- All accounts have 10 quest points or more.
- All accounts have game membership.

Pricing Schedule

Quantity of accounts Price (Credits)
1-4 12.00
5-9 10.80
10+ 9.90