Terms of Service

1.0 Preamble

Origo is an intermediary service that facilitates the sale & transfer of virtual products to and from interested parties. By accessing the website or using any service (both hereby referenced as “services”) rendered by Origo, origo.gg, owners, & staff (hereby referenced as “Origo”), the visitor or customer (both referenced as the “client”) agrees to all Terms & Conditions (hereby referenced as “terms”) outlined. By visiting, registering with, using, or ordering from Origo, the client acknowledges that they read, accept and are bound to the terms.

2.0 Credits

Credits are purchasable, non-refundable vouchers redeemable on-demand for services rendered by Origo (hereby referenced as “credits”). All credits exist as vouchers represented at 1:1 face value, denominated in United States Dollars (hereby referenced as “USD”). Credit value can be subject to change at any time without notice. All credits are the virtual property of Origo, and may be subject to suspension or removal from a client’s account at any given moment without reason or notice.

3.0 Accounts

Origo is not responsible for any locks, bans, recoveries, hacks, or any such similar events (all hereby referenced within the liabilities section as “events”) that occur. Origo’s only obligation is to facilitate the delivery of the service upon confirmed receipt of payment (all hereby referenced to as “obligations”). All obligations end once the delivery of account data has been completed. Origo operates at the highest standards of service, and is not responsible for such events. No replacements or compensation will be provided.

4.0 Refunds

There are no refunds on purchased credits. If a service cannot be rendered upon purchase, a credit refund may be issued. Due to the nature of services rendered by Origo, there are no credit refunds on completed sales.

5.0 Stock Accuracy

Services stock (hereby referenced as “stock”) is the recorded quantity of products that a third party has tasked Origo with providing intermediary sales services for. Due to the dynamic nature of the services rendered by Origo, the stock figure indicated on the site may not be accurate at all times, despite the best efforts to keep it updated. If a client makes a purchase and there is not enough stock to fulfill the order immediately, Origo will reach out to the third party and attempt to fulfill the service as soon as possible. If in the case it is not possible, a credit refund will be issued at the discretion of Origo.

6.0 Pricing Accuracy

Due to dynamic nature of service supply & demand or human error, pricing can be subject to change after a client submits an order. The client in question will be contacted and will be required to pay the difference. If the client reneges on the wrongly-priced order, a credit refund will be issued.

7.0 Delivery

If Origo fails to deliver a service upon confirmed payment, please contact Origo through the site. A credit refund will be issued at the discretion of Origo if the order cannot be delivered.

8.0 Force Majeure

Origo cannot be held liable for any delays, cancellations, failures, or poor performance of any rendered service due to any causes beyond control. This includes- and is not restricted or limited to – acts of God, war, earthquakes, nuclear disasters, solar flares or other cosmic phenomena, alien invasions, zombie apocalypses, pandemics, floods, riots, civil unrest, blackouts, unnatural weather, data breaches, hackers, changes to international law or regulations, downtime with hosting providers, and hardware failures.

9.0 Payment Processor

Origo will not be held responsible for any delays, failures, errors or mistakes, downtime, or black hat events related to the payment processor’s obligation to process a transaction. Credits are provided once the payment processor has indicated success with receipt of payment, and network confirmations for cryptocurrency transactions.

10.0 Obligation

Origo’s sole obligation is to render a service for credits. Origo cannot be held liable for any aforementioned hindrances, events, delays, failures, and issues that may arise.

11.0 Indemnity Agreement

In the event of any issues, all clients agree to defend and hold Origo innocent if requested to. All clients are responsible for any actions after receiving a product that Origo has provided intermediary services for, and will not hold Origo liable for any breach of terms, fraud, or black hat activities that a client engages in.

12.0 Copyright

All media, content, & software associated with Origo is protected by international copyright laws.

13.0 Fraud

If a client attempts to exploit any facet of Origo, services, or payment, it will result in the immediate termination of all obligations and said client’s account. Origo reserves the right to deny service to anyone suspected of fraud.

14.0 Disclaimer

Origo reserves the right to change the terms at any time, without notice to a client. It is the duty of a client to review the terms regularly. All changes to the terms affect all past, future, & present services, completed & incomplete.